What we offer

Residential Solar

Be smart to choose Sunlight Solar to power your house. Save the environment and reduce carbon footprints by harnessing the power of the sun. At Sunlight Solar, we tailor the solar system that would be the perfect fit for your house with 5kw, 6.6kw and 10kw range.

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Hybrid Solutions

With our solar battery system, we ensure that you stay completely independent off the grid and never worry about paying bills. Solar generate power during day and store in battery that can be used at night.

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Commercial Solar

Solar is the best choice for businesses to cut down the electricity cost. We understand that every business profit also depends on controlling overheads. We help you with our solar with 30kw, 50kw, 100kw range, to pass that benefit to your customer.

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Our Process at Sunlight Solar

CONSULTATION WITH EXPERT We have all qualified, confident, intelligent motivated and hard working team. They are creative to share and understand our client’s energy needs
DESIGN AND OFFER PRODUCT We have excellent tool to design solar system and we offer wide range of solar system for medium, large and small families.
PLAN SOLAR INSTALLATION We live through the system once its installed and we offer most excellent plan as per client’s need.
OUR SERVICES Our expert offers you well designed solar systems for your need and helps you even after installation.
ENJOY SAVING FROM SUNLIGHT Client’s electricity invoice shows our best reward.
Why Go Solar

The world as it has no more petrochemicals for our next generation and the world is heavily dependent on petrol, coal, wood and water for producing energy. We never realized that these aren’t uninterrupted supply. There is on the other hand, we have bottomless supply of solar energy. So why not rely more on solar energy?

The benefits of producing energy from solar power are enormous in terms of economy, environmental protection and creating job opportunities so by that way we care for our next generation.

The Sunlight Solar slashes power demand and save your energy expense and their nearby environment too.

The solar panels typically would last for a minimum of 25 years depending on the weather conditions and maintenance. However, during this period, you have contributed substantially to the environment by not producing toxic effluents. The benefits are far more than the disadvantages.

The Sunlight Solar helps you to decrease your electricity invoice graph every annum. It helps to save other energy sources, and Solar energy is endless source of energy so When you count the valuation of your property, definitely you can see the high values of your property.


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